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Contract Administration

Moreton & Partners provide a comprehensive Contract Administration service under the various forms of contract.

We are specialists in the use of the NEC suite of contracts with which we have been involved during the last 15 years. Our Quantity Surveyors are NEC Accredited Project Managers and highly experienced in the management of the Engineering and Construction Contracts, Professional Services Contracts and Term Services Contracts. We take an active role in the NEC User Group as Gold Members.

We assist the Project Manager in the administration of contract, ensure that the appropriate notices are issued in accordance with the Contract conditions via open and clearly defined communication routes which is backed by our long-held expertise in the control and management of the construction phase of the works.

Our key conditions for success include

  • Ensuring there are no errors or ambiguities in the contract documents, ensuring that they comply with the Contract
  • Clearly setting roles and responsibilities and ensuring that all parties understand how the Contract is going to be administered.
  • Management of Change and the assessment of cost and programme impacts in accordance with the Contract.
  • Ensuring that all parties adhere to the requirements of the Contract, taking action as necessary in the case of non compliance
  • Maintaining clear contract communications, usually with wed based systems such as Aconex and Cemar
  • Clearly setting out project risks and management of the contract risk process.
  • Ensuring that all notices, assessments and the like are issued in accordance with the Contract
  • Management of the testing, commissioning, and handover process