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Programme Management & Project Controls

It is our firm belief that the correct management of the programme is key to the success of the Project. This belief has derived from our experience with the NEC contracts where the programme is described as the beating heart of the project.

Proper management of the programme in accordance with the contract enables all of the other Contract process to work properly to the benefit of all Parties to the Contract.

Our emphasis of programme management includes

  • Ensuring that the Contractors programme is received and accepted in accordance with the Contract, meaning that at all times an Accepted Programme is in existence.
  • Ensuring that all Change events include an assessment of the impact of change on the programme and Accepted Programmes are updated accordingly.
  • Ensuring that the proper assessment of potential change that may be borne out of risk events, enabling the impact of potential risk and the associated risk mitigation measures to be understood before the event occurs.
Programme analysis, progress/performance and cost performance analysis are undertaken by our Project Controllers who are responsible for the reporting regime. We design reports to ensure that the Client and all project stakeholders have a clear understanding of the information that is important to them for the successful outcome of the project.

Our programme management services can cater for singular one-off projects, and also significant investment programmes of work.